Alan R. Smith

Alan Smith proves through his art that there are truly no boundaries when it comes to mixing mediums. He has a true talent for pairing different textures together to make something not only unique but also visually intriguing. Alan received a degree in fine arts from the University of Texas and made the choice to turn his passion into a successful career. While the styles of his pieces vary, there is a common characteristic found in the texture he infuses his work with.

“I am an eclectic artist who experiments in numerous medias. When I am in the studio, time disappears as I become engaged with the art. I find myself particularly influenced by the abstract expressionist style of painting at this juncture; the raw emotion and energy that comes out when I’m painting mystifies and excites me.”

This energy is visible in each piece he creates and captivates an audience drawn to color and unique works of art. Whether Alan is working with primary colors or jewel tones, he mixes color in a way so that the end product is an enhanced version of its familiar roots. It is visually clear that each piece of art began with an emotion and Alan manages to communicate this through the multiple elements that go into creating each masterpiece.

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