Esther McCord

Esther McCord has a true knack for vibrant colors and patterns so detailed they jump of the canvas. No single piece is the same, however her work is easily distinguishable by the unique repetitive patterns and innate attention to detail displayed throughout her collection. 

"I am an artist with insatiable curiosity for creating of any kind. I am originally from the Rio Grande Valley, located deep in the heart of South Texas.  My style of creativity is not hindered by rules or methods, I believe in allowing my creative style to vary and to freely express all emotions. I place positive energy on the canvas through bright and bold colors that will translate feelings of joy, happiness, and fanciful thoughts. I am happy to share my work and a part of me in your space!"

"My hopes are to share at least one piece of my art work with someone in all 50 states! I believe every home, office, or space deserves a little piece OR big piece of happiness, and my paintings can accomplish that!"

Her pieces are as vivacious as her warm and bubbly personality. Esther’s art is visually stimulating, keeping the eye moving across the compelling canvas. Esther is a true talent and her work is guaranteed to liven up any wall it is placed on.
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