Jamie Sawicki

Jamie is a Houston based artist and interior designer. She began her career as an artist with a line of hand-painted t-shirts which was represented at the Dallas Market and sold in shops nationwide. As that fashion trend waned, her interior design business started to grow, and she was able to continue painting by creating custom pieces for clients.  Becoming more and more interested in painting large, abstract canvases, Jamie began selling her work at various shows.

Jamie is happiest with a paintbrush in hand or with her five young grandchildren.  She works in a sunny studio off of the kitchen in her West Houston home. Jamie is inspired by color and fabrics and always has music playing while she paints. She works mostly in acrylics and has gotten into adding some pencil and oil pastels lately. Look closely, and sometimes you can find bits of vintage fabric or paper collage hiding in a painting. As a designer, she likes to incorporate current color trends into her work, and she loves the look of a big, colorful abstract paired with traditional interiors.

Jamie hopes that her work conveys happiness and fun, because that is certainly what is happening as she paints!

Chain Reaction Chain Reaction
Chain Reaction
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