Jessica Donosky

Jessica is a local Dallas artist who loves to work with color and texture. The dimension of her pieces makes a unique statement in any setting.  She loves the process of putting together the final composition of her pieces, making sure each component is placed perfectly. 

Each ceramic piece is carefully hand crafted, set to air dry, and then bisque fired in the kiln until all moisture has been removed. The bisque fired pieces are then hand glazed and set to dry again. The pieces are then placed back in the kiln for a final firing which transforms the glaze into a glassy shell, resulting in a beautiful shine. Each ceramic piece is then carefully attached to a wooden panel that has been painted with acrylic for the final work of art. 

When Jessica is not working on her art you can find her loving life, spending time with her sweet husband and being a chicken mama to her 7 chickens. 


Pink Punch II
Pink Punch II
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