Sarah Ella Cole

Sarah Ella Cole is a right and left-brained self-taught artist finding balance in between the spaces on the canvas. She is drawn to the fine lines of geometry with the ever-present intention to exhibit them as aloof. She plays with all mediums to create multi-fold texture and finish. She finds inspiration from her favorite travel spots, textiles, art photography, and wall coverings. Sarah Ella holds tight to her southern roots and that inspiration will always find its way into each piece.

Personally, Sarah Ella is a wife to Roger and mom of two boys. Airey, her oldest, is a sweet, quiet 12-year-old soul with sports as his true love. Campbell is her precocious 10-year-old who wants to pursue acting. They have two dogs that fill their home with amusement and surprise. She is a native of Mississippi, but moved her brood here in 2013 and calls Nashville their forever home. She has been painting and crafting since she was a child. DIY projects are an ever-present theme in their home. To this day she adores working with her hands in any capacity.

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