Stacey Warnix

The granddaughter of a working artist, Stacey Warnix was introduced to the art of painting long before she could read or write. She spent many family visits alongside her grandmother in her studio, learning oil painting techniques and a wide range of mechanical skills ranging from color theory and mixing custom colors to brush care, canvas stretching, and framing.

Decades later, while working as an interior designer and home staging consultant, Stacey started painting large scale abstract artwork for use in her staging business and private projects. She employs a wide range of media, including watercolors, acrylics, inks, oil pastels, and natural materials. Stacey works part time out of a studio in an artist's colony in the Texas Hill Country, where she continuously draws her inspiration from.

Always Right Here Always Right Here
Always Right Here
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The Memory of You for Me The Memory of You for Me
The Memory of You for Me
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Flowerbomb II Flowerbomb II
Flowerbomb II
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