Tessa Smith

Tessa Smith is a Maryland born artist who also lived in Oregon as a child, all before her family settled in upstate New York. Today she still lives in New York with her husband, who she calls her soul mate, and jokes that in order to meet him, she had to move across the country twice! Tessa is a licensed occupational therapist who has experience working in pediatrics, but considers herself an artist through and through. Her inspiration to create mixed media abstracts comes from her love for gardening and spending time drinking in her natural surroundings. Tessa has always been sensitive to her environment, both outdoors and in. She considers ‘home’ to be a sacred space, to find relaxation and retreat after a long day. For this reason, she has a strong appreciation for interior decorating, and has been rearranging her family’s furniture ever since she could walk! Today, in her home, she loves a mix of texture, layers and a variety of finishes; all elements that are also reflected in her artwork. Tessa enjoys painting almost everyday, creating pieces that add joy to the lives of those who hang her artwork in their homes!

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