Samantha Jezek

Samantha Jezek, a dedicated wife and mother to three young boys hails from a small town in Western Oklahoma. Surrounded by picturesque landscapes and mesmerizing sunsets, she developed an early appreciation for color and simplicity.

Pursuing her passion for the arts, Samantha studied Fine Art at Oklahoma State University and expanded her horizons by studying in Tuscany, Italy. Her creative journey has been marked by a fascination for bold color and simplicity, evident in the vivid lines and whimsical figures that bring her work to life.

With spontaneity at the core of her creative process, Samantha composes her paintings with a keen eye for unique color relationships and texture. She imbues each figure and face with the spirit of bravery and boldness, capturing the natural curves and imperfections that make them authentic and relatable.

Samantha's career as an artist began during a tumultuous time in her life, marked by experimentation with live painting and substance abuse. Ultimately, she found solace and redemption through her faith, which was pivotal in reigniting her passion for painting. As a new mother seeking an artistic outlet, she gravitated towards abstract faces, eventually developing her distinctive style.

Her art became a conduit for self-discovery and healing from addiction, with the vibrant, abstract women she painted reflecting her personal struggles and growth. Inspired by her experiences, Samantha launched her first series, "Not Alone," as a testament to the resilience and solidarity of women facing adversity.

Continuing to evolve as an artist, Samantha now has the privilege of painting families and friends together, celebrating the beauty of togetherness and the power of connection. Her work serves as a reminder that even in the face of hardship, no one is truly alone.

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Cassette Tape
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The Good Ol’ Days
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Meet Me at the Mall
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New Beginnings
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