Stephanie Hutchinson

Stephanie Anne Hutchinson is a self-taught abstract artist who works primarily with acrylic and charcoal on canvas. After being a stay at home mom for almost 20 years, she felt a calling to put this crazy art dream of hers into action so she went to an art store, bought a bunch of supplies, and sat down in her kid’s playroom and gave it a go. When she sold her first piece only a few weeks later, she decided to put her art into the world, and within 3 months her artwork was being sold in her first retail store. Today her work can be found in collections across the United States and in June 2021 she opened her first studio and gallery, Stephanie Anne Fine Art in Fayetteville, Arkansas.
Springtime Springtime
Regular price $1,800.00
Mint Julep Mint Julep
Mint Julep
Regular price $2,400.00
Larkspur Lane II Larkspur Lane II
Larkspur Lane II
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In Full Bloom In Full Bloom
In Full Bloom
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