Theodora Miller

After a traumatic brain injury forced her into complete isolation and cognitive rest, artful living took on new meaning; it became an essential part of her healing. Today, Theodora Miller has a thriving creative practice as a visual artist and creative entrepreneur. Her ever-evolving visual language draws inspiration from her emotions, surroundings, Hellenic heritage and ancient symbols. Her signature elements are intuitive brushstrokes, gestural marks, and paint chip collage. Theodora has garnered a following for her “7 Wishes” collection, that showcases her meditative painting technique of the Greek words for hope, health, luck, love, happiness, joy and peace — her affirmations for the world and your home. Each of Theodora’s soulful creations carry intricate details, texture and a story. Theodora’s artwork is featured in corporate collections and treasured by art lovers around the world. She resides in Richmond, Virginia but her spirit dwells on an island in the Aegean Sea.

Dialogues Sage Advice Dialogues Sage Advice
Dialogues Sage Advice
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