Megan Daisy Milner

Megan Daisy Milner is a self-taught artist and lifelong creative that started painting when she and her husband bought their first home in Charlotte, NC. She works in acrylics, oil pastels and charcoal to create colorful works that make a statement in any space. Megan aspires to create work that brings joy, vibrancy and life. Her work is full of bold brushstrokes and color.

Megan says “Painting has been so good for my soul. As is time with my husband, two boys and two crazy pups- my five biggest cheerleaders.  When I paint I feel like I am doing exactly what God has created me to do. I hope y'all enjoy the final product as much as I enjoy the creative, artistic journey.”

Emerald City Emerald City
Emerald City
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It’s Electric It’s Electric
It’s Electric
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Restraint is Key Restraint is Key
Restraint is Key
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