Wood veneers are materials used for custom furniture to achieve different colors, patterns and styles for a clean, unique look. A wood veneer is a thin layer of wood sliced or peeled from a tree log and used to cover surfaces or create decorative elements in furniture making. It comes in a variety of patterns, including straight grain, curly, burl, and figured patterns, offering a wide range of design possibilities for custom furniture and interior design projects.



Every tree is completely different, so each veneer creates a distinct appearance. Each wood species contains certain characteristics like color, texture and pattern that translate to the veneer sheet.



A veneer is a “paper” thin sheet of wood that is pressed onto a thicker material for woodworking purposes. Once the veneer sheets have been made by the fabricator, the workroom team then cuts the sheets carefully to be as symmetrical as possible. Next they apply the sheets to the substrate using adhesive, and pressed together under controlled pressure and temperature. Finally, the veneered surface is trimmed and sanded, all wood knots are filled and the surfaces are finished to achieve a smooth, unified, and visually appealing appearance.



Every wood species veneer contains intricate grain patterns that are perfect for adding organic movement and elements to a room. Each sheet is different - making the grain and movement in the wood different on each custom furniture piece. 


Although we select and source the highest quality veneer sheets available, every piece will still contain knots that are filled in during production. We strive to make the best quality piece and select sheets of the best quality possible, but these “imperfections” cannot be avoided due to the nature of the wood.